New 3D-printing resin features ABS-like physical properties


The maker of 3D printing systems Formlabs (Somerville, MA) has introduced a functional resin for engineering and prototyping applications that allows users of its Form 1+ 3D printer to produce strong, durable parts with physical properties akin to ABS.

Parts produced with the new Tough Resin will be able to absorb high impact and other mechanical stress that would normally cause 3D-printed parts to snap or shatter, said the company in a news release. Applications include load-bearing gears and snap-fit enclosures.

To demonstrate the functional properties of the resin, the folks at Formlabs have created what they are calling the first 3D-printed Rube Goldberg device. Several major mechanisms of the whimsical chain-reaction machine were 3D printed on a Form 1+ SLA machine using Tough Resin. Watch the short video embedded below. It's guaranteed to make you smile.

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