Need to weld plastics? There's an app for that, too! -- K Trade Fair

Need to weld plastics? There's an app for that, too!


Apps for B2B information in the plastics industry are coming on strong, with molders able to access more technical help than ever before. Sonics & Materials Inc., specialists in ultrasonic technology and manufacturer of assembly equipment for over 45 years, has announced the launch of their free mobile app to make it easy to identify the optimal weld process for a specific thermoplastic material. This new interactive tool for plastics assembly and welding applications helps the user match a large range of thermoplastic materials, and to find hand-held welding tip specifications for spot welding, staking and insertion processes.

To identify the best weld process for a specific plastic material, the user just selects whether the material is amorphous or crystalline and then clicks on the material, such as "ABS/Polycarbonate," to view whether the process of spot welding, conventional welding, staking/swaging and/or inserting are excellent, good, fair, poor or not suitable for that material.

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