NPE 2015: DSM highlights gas tank, under-the-hood applications


DSM Engineering Plastics (Singapore) will be present at NPE in Orlando, FL, March 23-27 with a number of auto-related innovations on show. These include a high pressure gas tank in thermoplastic composite and a portfolio for high temperature polyamide resin for use in engine compartments DSM will also highlight its solutions via speaker presentations at SPI and ANTEC as well as in their Customer Service Center in the West Hall, Room 225A.

On display in the Customer Service Center will be thermoplastic composite gas tanks for compressed natural gas (CNG) that the company is developing with partner Covess (Berbroek, Belgium),, a specialist in advanced thermoplastic composite vessels for a wide range of applications. More on recent developments in thermoplastic-based gas tanks can be found here. A traditional steel tank of 40L weighs around 60 kg, while a composite 'Type IV' tank with DSM's Akulon Fuel Lock polyamide 6-based liner can weigh down to 20 kg. The tank is wrapped in a continuous fiber reinforced tape based on DSM's EcoPaXX polyamide 410. Every 10 kg removed from a vehicle translates roughly into a reduction in CO2 emissions from the vehicle on the road of one gram per km.

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