NPE2015 demonstrates how vinyl saves lives in special exhibit -- K Trade Fair

NPE2015 demonstrates how vinyl saves lives in special exhibit


The old maxim that there's no such thing as bad publicity might work for celebrities, but it hasn't been good for PVC. Although the issues with the material have more to do with the phthalates that are added to make it flexible—which have been linked to health concerns—the shorthand that is common currency in the public space has led to the generalized vilification of PVC. In medical applications, the material's bad actor profile has been especially effective, because, after all, to quote another maxim, isn't the duty of medicine, first, to do no harm?

As a counterpoint to public perception, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and the Flexible Vinyl Alliance have put together a special showcase at NPE2015 in Orlando, FL, designed to demonstrate how vinyl saves lives rather than putting them in jeopardy. While show organizers may be preaching to the choir, given that this event is the largest gathering of plastics industry professionals in North America, the point is still worth making.

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