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Motan-Colortronic seeks to conquer Brazilian market


With the opening of its new Brazilian site, Germany-based global auxiliary equipment maker Motan-Colortronic is not only talking the talk, but is walking the walk. "Up to now, our customers in Brazil and elsewhere in South America have been supported through sales partners and our other subsidiaries in Europe. With this new office, our customers now have the advantages of a local subsidiary within an international network," says Beat Amrein, joint CEO of Motan-Colortronic do Brasil ltda with Jefferson Macdeo. Both managing directors have a 20% stake in the company. The remaining 60% stake of the joint venture belongs to Motan-Colortronic AG in Switzerland.

The new company, a joint venture between Motan-Colortronic and the former sales agency 4MTECX and located in Piracicaba in the São Paulo area, opened for business on March 1, 2014. While the current activities comprise sales and service of equipment and system, the plan is, in the future, to add manufacturing and assembly activities for specific projects in Brazil. The square meters (4,305 sq-ft) site in Piracicaba will offer newly renovated manufacturing facilities, a spare parts store and a commissioning area, plus a new, 170 square meters (1,829 sq-ft) large office building at the site for sales, user support, technical service, production planning and administrative services. Motan-Colortronic sees this investment as a crucial step for further expansion in the region.

According to Frank Medgyesy, managing director of Motan-Colortronic AG (Switzerland), Brazil and the bordering Latin American countries are absolute growth markets for the plastics industry. "Until recently, we were represented by 4MTECX. With this joint venture, we want to establish Motan-Colortronic do Brasil ltda as a regional center in Brazil with the goal of becoming service and market leader in materials handling in Central and South America," he declared.

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