Molded caps will fly by, literally, at NPE2015 -- K Trade Fair

Molded caps will fly by, literally, at NPE2015


Sumitomo (SHI) Demag plans to team up with several key partners at NPE2015 to “meet or beat” the world-record the company set for water bottle cap production in 2014. Exhibiting in NPE booth W-623, Sumitomo Demag will run an El-Exis SP 420 molding a 29/25 water bottle cap with tamper-evident band molded by mechanical slides.

The high-precision, 96-cavity hot-runner mold is being supplied by Plastisud (W-7550). The lightweight 1.3-gram HDPE caps are designed for still (non-carbonated) water. The mold was specially designed and built by Plastisud, France, to achieve consistent high-precision parts at an ultra- high-speed cycle while still using the conventional, proven method of part ejection utilizing clamp and ejector stroke.

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