Mold manufacturing business is booming -- K Trade Fair

Mold manufacturing business is booming


Last week I attended SPI's annual West Coast event, the Mike Kobel Moldmaker's Trade Fair in Pomona, CA. It was good to see so many people participating in this afternoon and evening event from all across Southern California, and the vendors who came from far-flung places throughout the United States to support this event.

I met a lot of new people, and reconnected with many of the moldmakers I've known for a number of years. The best thing about this event was the opportunity I had to talk to them and get a feel for the industry. The take-away was that things are really busy. The vendors told me that their customers are busy, which means the vendors' business is doing really well.

Many of the moldmaking companies are booked into the first part of 2015, and they are taking on new employees as well as investing in new equipment. I've written about a few of those companies recently, and am always happy to see them growing and busy.

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