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Mennekes chooses Irogran for electric car cable caps

Mennekes is employing an Irogran TPU grade to produce protective caps that fit on the connector end of type 2 charging cables. These coupling flexes are used to connect cars to vehicle charging points. The end caps are put in place when the cables are not in use, helping to keep dirt and moisture out of the holes where the sleeve contacts are inserted. The plug specialist specified Irogran for its end cap application following recommendations from Chemie-Plast. The family-owned company based in Porta-Westfalica, is one of Huntsman's key distribution partners. The product development team at Mennekes required a material that would offer high wear and abrasion resistance. A very good temperature flexibility was indispensable as well. The caps have to withstand a range of temperature extremes from sub-zero conditions of Nordic winters to hot and humid Mediterranean summers. Before approaching Chemie-Plast, Mennekes had tested other materials including rubber and other TPEs. However, they found that these parts were prone to leaving scuffmarks when they came into contact with car paint. To overcome this problem, Chemie-Plast recommended a harder Irogran grade. Thomas Tigges, plastic technician at Mennekes, said: "As ownership of electric vehicles increases there will be a need for more publicly accessible charging stations - and of course more charging cables and end caps. With new volumes coming through we wanted to be sure that we were using the very best material available for our cable caps. The advice on offer from Chemie-Plast, combined with the quality of Huntsman's TPU, was a compelling proposition. We are delighted with the support offered throughout the decision making process and with the end result.” Mennekes Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run business headquartered in Kirchhundem in North Rhine-Westphalia with subsidiaries and agencies in more than 90 countries. The business dates back to the 1930s when Aloys Mennekes set up a small electrical workshop. Today, the Mennekes product portfolio comprises over 15,000 standardised CEE industrial plugs and sockets in different shapes and designs for multiple purposes. The business also produces components for the increasing electric mobility market including sockets, charging cables, vehicle plugs as well as complete charging stations for commercial and private use. Worldwide, the market for electric cars is growing rapidly with many leading automotive brands now offering plug-powered and hybrid vehicles. UK-based Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) predicts there will be 1.1 million electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle sales globally by 2015; 6.9 million by 2020; and 106 million by 2050.Huntsman + Chemie-Plast at Fakuma, hall A4, stand 4214