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Medical Channel: Israeli startup develops medical marijuana inhaler


The notion that medical marijuana struggles for mainstream acceptance, as Joshua Mitnick writes in the Wall Street Journal, may be hard to believe if, like me, you live in Southern California. It is a valid point in the broader scheme of things, however, because "doctors have never been able to fine-tune doses like they are used to with pharmaceutical drugs," writes Mitnick in an article titled, "Cannabis Technology Venture Eyes Pain Free Future." That may be about to change, thanks to an Israeli startup. Syqe Medical (Tel Aviv) has developed a cannabis delivery system that will eliminate the trial-and-error approach that currently defines medical marijuana prescriptions. The Syqe Inhaler Exo is designed to deliver just enough cannabis to relieve pain without producing the mind-altering properties that make it difficult to function in polite society. "Our device, for the first time, positions cannabis on an even playing field with mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, a fact that will change the game for physicians, subsequently affecting the widespread use and prescription of medical cannabis," Perry Davidson, CEO, Syqe Medical, told PlasticsToday.
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