GC/MS analysis -- K Trade Fair
© Guido Deußing [dim_it:pic_desc]Testing of flooring materials and flooring systems (i.e. including the glue used to install the flooring) is performed at the TFI using environmental test chambers based on the DIN EN ISO 16000-11, DIN EN ISO 16000-9, and DIN ISO 16000-6 standards for indoor air. These standards specify conditions for all aspects of testing various flooring materials in environmental test chambers as well as the analytical determination of identity and concentration of emitted organic compounds (VOCs/SVOCs). Chamber air is collected using active pumped sampling onto a suitable adsorbent tube after three and 28 days. The analysis, as specified in the AgBB scheme is performed by Thermal Desorption - Gas Chromatography combined with Mass Spectrometry Detection (GC/MS) of the analytes. [/dim_it:pic_desc]