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MHG’s facility build-out to enter final stages of construction


Bioplastics manufacturer MHG has a capacity problem. Its current facility operates around the clock, yet: ""Our production pipeline is already overloaded by 400%, and we need to ramp facilities as a matter of urgency in order to facilitate our customers," said CEO Paul Pereira. "Several of our Fortune 100 customers are gearing up for increased volumes of biodegradable resin pellets to replace their petro-plastic products."

That's not something you hear every day from a bioplastics manufacturer. MHG, however, is not an every day bioplastics manufacturer. MHG, headquartered in Georgia, U.S., is wholly vertically integrated into the supply chain, which makes it the only biopolymer company in the world that can control the process from seed, through planting and harvesting, crushing, refining, solution and fermentation, final proprietary extrusion into polymer pellets. The aim of the company is very simple: to produce renewable, biodegradable plastic material at a competitive cost. "Green does not mean more expensive," says the company. The time has now arrived to prove the point.

Which is why MHG - the holding company of PHA producer Meredian - decided last year to hire Engineering and Construction Group Perry-McCall to design and build the new $3.5 million manufacturing facility. And this week, MHG, will make their second payment to Perry McCall, which will allow Perry McCall to begin the final stages of the PHA facility build-out.

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