MHG’s bioplastic earns marine biodegradable certification from Vinçotte


In March of this year, the Belgian test, inspection and certification agency Vinçotte International introduced its newest certification scheme for marine biodegradability. Now, the biopolymer company MHG has become the first company to obtain OK biodegradable MARINE Certification from Vinçotte International, verifying this company's claim regarding the biodegradability of its PHA materials in the marine environment. This verification, said MGH, "distinguishes MHG's truly marine biodegradable product from unverified claims by competitors with similar products."

"This additional certification provides even more support to the credibility and potential of Nodax PHA," said Dr. Paul Pereira, MHG's CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Pointing to an article published February 13, 2015, in Science magazine under the title 'Plastic Waste Inputs from Land into Ocean', he expressed his concern at the scope of the marine plastics and microplastics problem. "As more evidence and research suggests the degraded welfare of all marine ecosystems, caused primarily from plastic pollution, the health of our oceans is a growing concern worldwide," Pereira said. "With MHG's ocean friendly product, our company provides a strong solution for a healthier planet."

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