Low-volatile-content silicone eliminates need for post curing -- K Trade Fair

Low-volatile-content silicone eliminates need for post curing


Many silicone molders post-cure molded products for up to four hours at 400°F to meet regulatory and consumer requirements for low volatile content, adding time and energy and, thus, cost to the manufacturing process. Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. has developed a product line formulated and manufactured to reduce the level of low molecular weight siloxane (DN) volatile content, allowing molders to eliminate the post-curing process. Its subsidiary, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (Akron, OH), is presenting the new Low DN LIMS line at NPE2015 (W-7877).

Manufacturers of children's sippy cups and baby bottles for the European market, notably, must comply with EU standard EN 14350, which specifies a maximum weight loss (volatile content) of 0.5%. "This level typically can only be achieved by lengthy post curing," says Eric Bishop, Shin-Etsu's North America Marketing Manager, who is manning the booth at NPE. "I'm not aware of any silicone other than the DM LIMS line that can meet this specification without post curing."

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