Lots of parts—and 190 tons of scrap—produced by NPE exhibitors


All plastic processing plants produce scrap along with their parts, and NPE this year was no exception. With injection molding machines and blow molding equipment running all day for nearly more than four days, producing a variety of parts—some of them quite large—scrap was to be expected. At NPE2015, 82 exhibitors participated in the program to recycle processing scrap generated on the show floor. That was twice as many exhibitor than at NPE2012, causing a dramatic increase in the amount of material collected for recycling, SPI announced.

Commercial Plastics Recycling (CPR), the official recycling company for NPE2015, collected, sorted and recycled 191 tons of processing scrap, which was 62% more than was collected at NPE2012, and 235% more than at NPE2009. SPI noted that as the show has grown and the amount of scrap has increased, the recycling program has increased its capacity, ensuring plastics scrap is being managed properly.

"We reached out to exhibitors well in advance of NPE2015 to find out their needs and get a clear idea of how we should prepare," said Paul Benvenuti of CPR. "Another big help was having our containers and trucks on site during setup since machines were being operated and generating scrap well before the start of the show."

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