Lindal's new ball valve now available globally


Technologically advanced aerosol dispensing systems from the Lindal Group (Schönberg, Germany) now include a new ball valve, something that the company calls "an appealing, new, cost-effective alternative for makers of cosmetics, toiletries, household products, automotive, pharma and more."

The Lindal ball valve delivers easy, 360-degree actuation and unsurpassed performance whether the product is used upright or upside-down, according to the company. "Suitable for a variety of applications, the ball valve's modular construction enables it to be used in combination with all actuators that also fit Lindal's LI valves. All materials are FDA approved, which makes the new ball valve suitable for aerosol food products, as well. The international launch of the Lindal ball valve comes after rigorous performance testing," says the company.

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