Lego gets serious about using more sustainable materials


With the announcement that it is investing DKK 1 billion in the establishment of the Lego Sustainable Materials Center, the Lego Group (Billund, Denmark) is making good on what it called in 2012 ”an obligation” to minimize the environmental impact by of its iconic LEGO bricks by finding sustainable replacements for the materials used in their production. The decision to boost the search for sustainable materials was taken at the recent General Assembly of the Lego Group in May 2015.

“This is a major step for the Lego Group on our way towards achieving our 2030 ambition on sustainable materials,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President of the Lego Group.

“We have already taken important steps to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on the planet by reducing the packaging size, by introducing FSC certified packaging and through our investment in an offshore wind farm. Now we are accelerating our focus on materials.”

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