PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering thermoplastics October 2021

Differing price development / Demand gradually declines further / Glass fibres, flame retardants and carbon black will drive prices up in November

For some engineering thermoplastics, prices continued to rise in October – in some cases, quite considerably – whereas the prices for polycarbonate, polyamide 6 and POM barely changed. The still hard-hit PA 6.6 compounds, because of the feedstock facilities in Europe that were only restarted at the end of October, hit a new high, which was for the first time above the EUR 6,000/t mark.

With the exception of car production, demand up to mid-October remained at a fairly acceptable level. Then there was a significant division: Whereas partial call-offs for small and medium-sized high-volume models and combustion engine types fell considerably, demand for components for premium vehicles remained at a solid, even increasing level. Overall, however, the trend was down and is likely to be reinforced with the end of the building season.

Just as mixed as the price development, was the availability of base polymers. On top of this came the bottlenecks with the respective additives above all for reinforced, flame-retardant and black grades, the availability of which will presumably not improve in November either.

Only PA 6 and PMMA will presumably take a breather in November. For all other engineering thermoplastics, prices will continue to rise. In particular, glass fibre-reinforced types will undergo a considerable upward push, especially because energy surcharges are now being applied in the very energy-intensive glass-fibre production.

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