PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering thermoplastics February 2020

Price stability on a broad front / Quarterly agreements provide support / Demand slightly above expectations / Differing trends likely in March

At first sight, Western European engineering thermoplastic prices in February presented a picture of standstill, stability and stagnation as they remained without exception at the previous month’s level. The main reason was that long-term sales agreements stabilised prices, but under the surface, a number of developments were emerging that will lead to differing movements in the coming months.

With transparent PC and PA 6.6, a downward potential dominates. The former is likely to come under pressure from the fall in the benzene reference contract, while with PA 6.6, there are contributions from the still high price level and continuing slump in the automotive industry.

PA 6 and PMMA, on the other hand, could witness some increases, although they are unlikely to have much of an impact until the start of Q2. In both cases, calls for price hikes by feedstock suppliers are casting their shadow before them. With PBT and POM, too, prices could trend upwards sooner or later if an insufficient inflow of imports from Asia should restrict the supply situation here.

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