Engineering Thermoplastics September 2016 -- K Trade Fair


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Engineering Thermoplastics September 2016

Problems with PC and PA 6 give way to stability / PA 6.6 and POM point down / PBT mostly calm / PMMA under upward pressure / October likely to be a mixed bag

The erosion tendency continued to hold the European market for engineering
thermoplastics in its grasp in September, even if the trends differed. While
notations for PA 6 and PC, which had recently been crumbling, stabilised, the
downtrend now took PA 6.6 and POM for an unexpected ride. The original Nylon
had to pay tribute to the earlier declines of its PA 6 relative, even though
its feedstock situation is completely different. Instead, the pressure emanates
from the market itself, where the two materials are frequently in competition
with each other. As for POM, it was once again the unpredictability of a
leading supplier that resulted in unexpected price cuts. It appears that the
clearance sales in July, when POM notations were already pointing down,
resulted in lower demand in August. With their inventories stocked to the brim,
producers had no choice but to unload surplus quantities onto the market. The
decline in notations was the logical consequence.

It was mostly calm on the price front for the other engineering thermoplastics.
ABS held stable (see PIEWeb of 06.10.2016), while PP compounds notations rose
slightly in response to the increase in C3 (see PIEWeb of 06.10.2016).

At first sight, it looks as though October might end up bringing some calm.
However, there are nevertheless a number of diverging tendencies, including in
the case of PMMA, which is just as likely as PP compounds to see additional
rises. POM, by contrast, remains on shaky grounds, and all producers' claims to
the contrary, polyamide notations do not appear to be particularly stable


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