PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics October 2017

Market tends firm / Minor falls with PC and PA 6 / Prices otherwise stable and trending upwards / November expected to continue firmer

In October, PC and PA prices on the European market fell slightly. The supply situation was so good that producers had little option but to pass on at least part of the cost reductions from the previous weeks. The picture with PA 6.6 was a little different and prices were only kept stable through competitive overlap with PA 6. PBT went up yet again, while PMMA took a short breather. POM remained stable, but there have been one or two signs of movement lately. With PP compounds, the higher costs were factored in. Conversely, ABS notations fell due to the decline in the SM reference price.

In November, the market could consolidate on a broad basis. Materials that have recently been tending weaker should stabilise and the upward trend with the others will become stronger. This means at least moderate increases must be expected with many grades of PA 6.6, PBT, POM and PMMA.

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