PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics October 2016

New quarter begins on stable footing / Slight declines limited to PA 6 and POM / Producers´ calls for hikes fall on deaf ears / Little price movement expected for November

The month-long erosion in engineering thermoplastics prices appears to have come to an end, at least for now, with notations trending largely sideways in October. Producers' at time rather ambitious calls for price increases were largely ignored.

In the case of PC, a few particularly low-lying prices were brought up to scratch. PA 6.6, PBT and PMMA notations, on the other hand, generally rolled over, while the price of less specified PA 6 and POM grades even declined slightly. There was little movement on the ABS price front (see PIEWeb of 03.11.2016), while the increase in PP compounds notations fell slightly short of the C3 cost rise (see PIEWeb of 03.11.2016).

Headed into November, notations are expected to hold largely stable. That being said, there could be some movement at the lower end of the PIE price range for PC and PMMA, as some materials are brought up to par. It looks like producers will have to wait until the beginning of next year to realise their calls for triple-digit increases for PC, PA and PMMA. There are no price drivers pushing PBT or POM, although in the latter's case, the aggressive price offensive from Asian imports should abate somewhat.

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