Engineering Thermoplastics October 2014 -- K Trade Fair


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Engineering Thermoplastics October 2014

Price erosion with PC and PA 6 / Other types remain stable / PMMA up slightly / Cost reductions for benzene and butadiene put further pressure on PC and polyamides

October saw a certain amount of erosion with European prices for PC and PA 6,
where the declining upstream costs went hand in hand with dwindling demand for
mass car models. In contrast, PA 6.6 remained stable due to its greater
orientation to the still healthy premium segment of the automotive industry. PBT
and POM have barely moved following the defensive measures taken by European
producers and the still fairly solid demand. PMMA prices were up slightly due to
the shortage of the MMA feedstock. Meanwhile, the commodity-related
styrene-based engineering materials and PP compounding products remained stable
like the respective standard grades.

In November, PC and the polyamides are likely to remain under pressure.
Benzene slipped by a hefty EUR 110/t, and butadiene also took a triple-digit
plunge of EUR 100/t. This could also put the focus on PA 6.6 to a greater extent
than before. With PBT, discussions have since begun on the many readjustments to
be made at the end of the year. It is now becoming more and more difficult to
hide the cost reductions in the polyester line. POM, on the other hand, should
remain stable. In the case of PMMA, there is still a latent upward pressure due
to the tight supply of the monomer. ABS and particularly PP compounds (propylene
is down EUR 90/t) are on the decline.

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