PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics November 2016

Minor movement for traditional materials / Only PMMA trending up / Buyers and producers agree on truce until year´s end / Suppliers preparing for a January offensive

After all efforts launched by engineering thermoplastics producers to improve their margins had failed in October, November 2016 turned out to be a typical interim month, offering them time to lick their wounds and come up with new strategies. In the end, the price of most of the traditional engineering thermoplastics rolled over. The only exception was PMMA, where European demand is slowly but surely being confronted by a general structural undersupply. While small application fields have been growing for months, producers have not shown any willingness to invest. The commodity-related ABS and PP compounds have followed the rise in their respective value chains.

For most materials, December will turn out to be a calm month. The truce is of a temporary nature, however, as producers are already preparing their price hike campaigns for January and Q1 2017. Polyamide suppliers have already issued their calls, and it is only a matter of time before other players will follow suit. In any case, all materials related to the central aromatic benzene as well as to styrene have already been caught in the upward spiral that began in the final month of the year.

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