PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics February 2018

Drive with PC and polyamides continues uninterrupted / Dramatic bottlenecks with PA 6.6 / PBT, POM and PMMA stable at high level / More upward pressure on the market

In February, as predicted, producers on the European market for engineering plastics pushed through further instalments of the substantial price hikes they announced at the beginning of the quarter. Especially with PC and polyamides, the supply situation remains critical. In the case of PA 6.6, the market situation is so bad that it defies description. The ADN outage in France virtually paralysed the entire supply chain. Buyers are in a desperate search for material. On the other hand, prices for PBT, POM and PMMA, which were comparatively readily available, showed little movement, but were in some cases at a very high level. The commodity-related ABS and PP compounds basically followed in the footsteps of the respective feedstocks.

Unfortunately, there is little prospect in March of any respite on the extremely difficult PA markets. Further price hikes are almost inevitable, and the same applies to PC. The other materials could perhaps continue to tread water in the first month of spring. ABS and PP compounds will presumably follow the feedstocks again. Looking further ahead at the market as a whole, more substantial increases are to be feared across the board in the second quarter.

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