Engineering Thermoplastics December 2015 -- K Trade Fair


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Engineering Thermoplastics December 2015

Polyamide prices continue to fall / PC and PMMA also slightly lower / Buyers tied to long-term contracts will fight excessive prices next year

European engineering thermoplastics prices continued to erode in December, and it was again the PA 6 grades that led the way. Free compounders had further scope for reductions as a result of the slump in base polymer prices, which are gradually reaching historical lows. The natural PA 6.6 grades were also dragged down, while the price of reinforced material remained stable due to the existence of long-term contracts and also because of the changes in flame retardants. In the case of PC, buyers continued to nibble away at the very high notations from spring, again achieving minor successes. With PMMA, too, the erosion continued. Apart from PBT and POM, the commodity-related ABS and PP compounds also remained stable this time.

Engineering thermoplastic prices will continue to decline at the beginning of the year, and the downtrend could gather more speed. Many customers have been sharpening their knives ahead of the upcoming important change of quarter (quarter, half-year, year). The price hike in spring 2015 - for PC and PMMA, for example - and the unyielding notations for POM and PBT despite the slump in petrochemical prices, will now be targeted by customers tied to longer-term price agreements. Polyamide notations are weakening anyway, while PA 6 is dragging its PA 6.6 relative further into the abyss. For the entire engineering polymer portfolio, quarterly buyers will seek price cuts that exceed the cost declines of the last three months. This, in turn, will pressure the monthly notations for regular business on the open market.

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