PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics August 2017

A generally quiet summer month / Stability dominates with traditional materials / Situation with PMMA becomes increasingly dramatic / Upward pressure mounts on a broad front

The European engineering plastics markets experienced a very quiet holiday month in August. Although most delivery times remained long, demand also declined rapidly, creating a massive summer lull. Notations for the majority of traditional engineering polymer materials therefore stagnated. With PMMA, on the other hand, the situation got even worse, as had been expected. Because of bottlenecks with the monomer, the shortage became even more dramatic, so that prices climbed again despite the summer fall in demand. ABS prices fell slightly in line with the feedstocks, while PP compounds underwent a slight upward correction due to structural adjustments.

In September, the upward pressure will increase on a broad front. For PMMA, there will inevitably be further increases. Especially with PA 6.6, price rises are already on the horizon due to growing bottlenecks. Other traditional materials will presumably orientate themselves in the direction of Q4 increases. Here, too, however, the pressure is mounting. ABS will certainly rise with the renewed explosion in the styrene reference price, and hikes are also to be expected with PP compounds.

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