Engineering Thermoplastics April 2019 -- K Trade Fair


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Engineering Thermoplastics April 2019

Producers regulate supply to keep notations mostly stable / Demand remains slow / Price cuts for polyamides probable in May

In April 2019, the measures taken by European producers of engineering thermoplastics to control production and supply went as planned. Adjusting output to the sluggish demand created stability in a range of areas. For the classic engineering materials, there were price reductions only with the PMMA grades that are heavily influenced by global developments. This represents a further step towards normalisation following the long-lasting intensive high-price phase due to the earlier shortages of MMA that are now a thing of the past. Prices of the commodity-related products, on the other hand, climbed in the wake of the rises in the respective base materials. ABS increased significantly more than the PP compounds.

In May, there are no signs pointing to an improvement to the delicate situation in automotive production. However, due to the many work days this month and the arrival of spring, business is expected to pick up in other sectors. Producers are nevertheless likely to find it hard to factor in the gradually rising costs. In fact, the polyamides seem to be under considerable price pressure. Here, price cuts could well be in the cards, especially as these types are influenced even more by automotive applications than other engineering plastics. ABS and PP compounds will, as usual, follow the respective raw material prices, although probably with some delay.

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