PIE - Polymer Price Reports

Engineering Thermoplastics April 2018

Upturn continues / Tough quarterly negotiations drag on / Many types stagnate due to lack of orientation / Faster rises expected in May

In April, the record-breaking price upswing for engineering thermoplastics in Europe continued. The stability with some grades was in most cases due to the lack of a guideline from the quarterly agreements that are still under extensive negotiations. Virtually all types and grades continued to be short, with PA 6.6 again taking the biscuit despite positive news at last with upstream ADN. Here, players are currently experiencing just how long the complex chain of original nylon can be. After the Easter break, demand picked up again at the beginning of the month and more or less returned to normal, although the momentum does not seem to be quite as great as it has been recently.

The two exceptions in April were the commodity-related materials, ABS, which slumped in line with feedstock costs, and PP compounds, which crawled sideways due to a lack of stimulus from feedstock. With PMMA, the peak has now finally been reached. Although it remained stable at a very high level, some players were daring to talk about a potential decline.

The price hikes announced by producers for nearly all engineering thermoplastics are so high that at least some of them will inevitably be reflected in notations before the month's end. The upward pressure across the whole market in April will likely be carried over directly into the merry month of May. In the case of PMMA, there are signs of prices crumbling for the first time in around two years.

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