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PLASTICS FANTASTIC: Where the rubber meets the plastic

Necessity is the mother of invention, according to the proverb, and the US megacity of Los Angeles thinks it has found an outlet for its growing piles of plastic waste: the streets.

The city's government is currently working with local firm Technisoil Industrial (Redding, California; on a pilot project to add recyclate to asphalt, as a replacement for bitumen. The first area to receive the new pavement is the aptly named First Street, with surfacing expected to commence before the end of 2020. The City of Angels is already experienced in including other materials into the mix, with some of its byways already topped with glassphalt.

The use of plastics is expected to cut production costs by 25%, according to a city official, who said maintenance outlays could also shrink due to the additional strength of the new mixture, which is said to be up to seven times stronger than standard asphalt.

Additionally, streets of polymer seem fitting for a city known for its celluloid heroes and plastic surgery!

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