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HEXPOL: Introduction of wire and cable compounds

Swedish compounder Hexpol (Malmö; www.hexpol.com) has announced the launch of materials for wire and cable applications. Compounds can include silicone rubber, CPE, EPDM, NBR+PVC, CR rubber, pigments and additive masterbatches, as well as technologies featuring EVA, TPE, TPV and thermoplastics, the company said.

The materials offer properties such as halogen-free flame retardancy, low smoke and low toxicity. Materials are RoHS, SVHC and REACH compliant with grades designed to meet international cable standards such as EN50363 or IEC 60811, the supplier noted. Bedding, insulation and sheathing materials are included, according to Hexpol.

Application areas include sites with expensive or sensitive equipment, such as hospitals, airports, trains and transport hubs, communication exchanges, power generation facilities and offshore platforms. Grades with enhanced thermomechanical properties are available for telecommunication and electric cables, from high-to-low voltage, the supplier added.

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