The revolutionary AirForce® pulverizing technology! -- K Trade Fair


Orenda Pulverizers

The revolutionary AirForce® pulverizing technology!

The patented AirForce® Technology uses air drawn into the mill housing to cool the mill and the material as it is being pulverized. The new technology remarkably increases production rates while consuming less energy and eliminating the use of water for the cooling process. Combined with its ease of use, lower maintenance requirements, and extended disc life, the AirForce® mill systems improve your bottom line while delivering optimal particle size distribution and morphology.

Benefits include:

  • Increased production rates- up to 60%  when compared to conventional disc pulverizing systems of the same size
  • Lower operating costs by 50% energy savings- compared to conventional 500 mm disc pulverizing systems
  • Lower maintenance, and reduced transportation costs for discs service
  • 2.5X extended disc life
  • Superior quality of a finished material
  • Able to process a wider spectrum of materials
  • No need for water cooling, eliminating problems such as thermal shock and rust
  • No need for expensive infrastructure, including chillers, water towers, pipes and pumps

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