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Sustainable with recycled PEEK

Sustainability has always been an important part of BIEGLO – High Performance Polymers. Through the focus on Polyethertherketon (PEEK) in form of raw materials and shapes BIEGLO was able to find their niche. They discovered there was also a market for recycled PEEK.

PEEK-waste can be melted again and put into a new form. Processing waste, such as shavings or sprues do not need to be thrown away. They can be recycled according to quality requirements. Also compounds made of PEEK with glass- or carbon fibre can be recycled.

BIEGLO integrated sustainability in form of a subdivision into the company. PEEK is a valuable resource, whose lifecycle can be prolonged. Recycled PEEK can be considered for price sensitive projects or used instead other materials. PEEK-waste are bought back from BIEGLO-clients, as long as it is clean, dry and of one brand. These might be shavings, sprues, cuttings, etc. Thus BIEGLO was able to develop a whole cycle from granules over shapes to recycled PEEK for this material.

Meanwhile BIEGLO added with Polyetherimid (PEI) another thermoplast to their portfolio. There also is a market for PEI-waste. BIEGLO intends to expand the subdivision Sustainability. Therefore, BIEGLO is very interested in other recyclable polymers such as, PPS, PES, and PA12.

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