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KraussMaffei signs partnership agreement with 3CON

[image_0]In the area of interior trim, KraussMaffei's reaction process machinery implements production systems for foamed or back-foamed parts for vehicle manufacturing with surfaces with especially high aesthetic quality. This includes parts such as instrument panels, door coverings, door panels and window trim. KraussMaffei provides system solutions from a single source, starting with the molds, including the mixing and metering systems, and spanning all the way to equipment for cutting and punching finished components. Through the partnership with 3CON, KraussMaffei is now expanding its system expertise. Nicolas Beyl, President of the Reaction Process Machinery segment of the KraussMaffei Group, explains, "3CON is a value partner to have at our side; together with them, we can also offer our customers technologies for laminating, edgefolding and thermoforming." Hannes Auer, founder and CEO of 3CON, adds, "We are very glad to have KraussMaffei, a company with global standing, at our side." In the future, the two companies hope to have close domestic and international cooperation in sales and project engineering. About 3CON The 3CON Group now employs approximately 200 people at its headquarters in Ebbs/Kufstein, Austria, and supports sales and service centers throughout the world. The product portfolio includes press and vacuum laminating, edgefolding, four different joining and riveting technologies, punching in connection with other technologies, assembly lines with anti-creak and clip applications as well as hot-air cutting. Examples for the company's innovation capacity include the new vacuum-laminating system for shorter cycle times and material savings as well as the ESL process (Exact Shape Laminating), which was developed in-house. This low-tension laminating process with especially low extraction levels enables material savings of up to 50 %. In the area of edgefolding, 3CON provides link-guided edgefolding pushers and a new infrared heater for reduced cycle times. Servo-driven units even make it possible to fold parts with highly complex geometry.