Jimtof highlights: Setting new performance levels in toolmaking -- K Trade Fair

Jimtof highlights: Setting new performance levels in toolmaking


The recent Jimtof show in Tokyo presented a number of innovations in machine tools and electric discharge machining (EDM) for improving the efficiency of toolmaking. See here for our previous pictorial report.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Tokyo) set a new standard for tool machining precision with its The MVR Ex vertical precision milling machine series. Employing a thermally stabilized column construction, the machine tool reportedly enables dimensional tolerances of 1 µm on horizontal surfaces and 8 µm on vertical surfaces, even if the ambient temperature in the tooling shop changes by as much as 5.5°C. "Such precision can be used to fabricate tooling that does not require any polishing," says Engineering Manager Takayuki Kume.

Spindle speeds of 5000 rpm for planar mating surfaces (800 mm/s feed rate) and 8000 rpm for planar molding surfaces (1500 mm/s feed rate) are possible with the MVR Ex. An engine under cover injection tool was on display at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries stand. Although machining paths were visible on the tool, it was extremely flat to the touch.

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