Japanese machine builders renew focus on LSR -- K Trade Fair

Japanese machine builders renew focus on LSR


Toyo Machinery & Metal's foray into the liquid silicone resin (LSR) injection molding arena is part of a broader effort on the part of the machine builder to diversify its product base and tackle new markets. Speaking to PlasticsToday at the recent IPF Show near Tokyo, Shiro Miyamoto, General Manager of the IMM Sales Engineering Department at Toyo (Akashi, Japan) said the company saw thermoset resin as a low-cost material with good performance that stands to benefit in the drive towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles such as fuel cell vehicles.

Toyo had offered dedicated thermoset molding presses in the past but the key difference with its new offering for LSR, the Si-100-6 F75 D, is that it is based on a standard thermoplastic injection machine. "We incorporated the appropriate software, changed the cylinder and added a water jacket, and provided a heated mold," says Miyamoto. At IPF, the machine was demonstrated molding a loupe (type of magnifying glass) in a two-cavity mold with a product weight of 60 g.

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