Japanese injection machine OEMs reduce the pressure -- K Trade Fair

Japanese injection machine OEMs reduce the pressure


Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Tokyo) adopted an interesting strategy at this year's IPF near Tokyo. Rather than debuting a series of new machines, the injection press supplier decided to demonstrate just what's possible with its existing line-up, in particular how clamping forces can be reduced through its "Zero-molding" technology. See here for a previous article on the technology.

The focus at IPF was on how Zero-molding can enable processors to reduce clamping pressure by up to 90%, enabling the use of large molds on smaller machines. One such machine on show was the SE130EV-HD, which was insert-molding a steering member with the aluminum insert having been treated with the NMT process from Taisei Plas. Sumitomo's Flow Front Control (FFC) system is employed to minimize resin pressure and thus the required clamping force. The 130-tonne press was molding with a shot weight of 200 g of polyamide 6. "Previously the part would have required a 230-tonne machine,: says Takato Ochi, General Manager of the Global Sales and Marketing Group at Sumitomo.

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