Isopa makes "One Step Ahead” in Dubai -- K Trade Fair


Isopa makes "One Step Ahead” in Dubai

[image_0]The session was hosted by Jörg Palmersheim, Secretary General of Isopa, and participants included diisocyanate- and polyol system houses, distributors, machinery suppliers, logistics partners as well as company directors, factory or production line supervisors, and managers from across the region. Isopa provided information and opportunity for useful exchanges to raise awareness on best practices and risk reduction measures for users, particularly in relation to the hazards involved when shipping and handling these chemicals. With more than 80 participants, the workshop brought together more than twice the number of participants than a similar event in Tanzania: a clear testimony of its growing success since 1999 and its relevance for all stakeholders involved, said Isopa. Its success reflects the dynamism of the Middle-East region, a fast-growing market for the diisocyanates and polyol industry, the association said. The interactive workshop provided best practice through informative posters, stickers and materials to ensure the health and safety of all workers handling diisocyanates. "One Step Ahead” is one of the successful ways in which Isopa is committed to promoting the highest standards of best practices within the industry.