Interview with Ulrich Reifenhäuser -- K Trade Fair
Ulrich Reifenhäuser

Interview with Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Managing Partner of Reifenhäuser and Chairman of the Exhibitors Council of K 2013

A lot has happened in the three years since the last K. How do you view the current situation?

I’m really quite optimistic about the general economic framework. Order intake levels are rising, many markets are beginning to look up, even in Southern European countries. Exports have picked up too, especially to emerging markets. Domestic order levels may have taken a slight dip recently after the strong investment activity of last year, but private consumption is continuing its positive upward trend. Although there are many factors that are difficult to assess, I’m still confident that K will provide plenty of impetus in October for sustained growth. The wealth of new things we can expect to see gives us good reason to hope for a definite upswing.

Why would you recommend a visit to K 2013?

In my view, it’s not just a good thing to do, it’s a definite must! That’s because nobody can succeed in business without innovations or improvements, and K is the only trade fair anywhere in the world that offers a complete overview of today’s state of the art and tomorrow’s trends. This is where all the premium providers show their groundbreaking innovations, because this is where they expect to meet a highly international audience of experts. I can only urge all those whose work is in any way related to polymers not to miss this opportunity that K offers every three years!

What specific take-home benefits can trade visitors expect from K 2013?

The innovations that exhibitors will be presenting focus first and foremost on benefits to the user and meeting customer needs. Given the current energy and raw material costs, solutions targeting resource conservation and energy efficiency will definitely take pride of place – that means materials and technologies which minimise production costs while maximising quality. Experts in plastics and rubber product manufacturing and their industrial end customers will be able to experience the most advanced developments in machinery, processes and materials technology at K 2013.

Are there any other highlights?

Plenty! The exhibitors’ own range of products and services will be supplemented by a broad supporting programme. One item that is especially worth mentioning is the special show “Plastics move the world” which focuses on how polymers contribute to a “life on the move” in both the literal and the figurative sense. And industry experts will appreciate the premiere of the Science Campus, where universities and research institutes will be presenting the topics of the future.

Your own company is exhibiting at K. How are your people preparing for October?

Flat out! K is our industry’s showcase and we’re doing everything we can to make a really good showing. We and our competitors all know that specialists from all over the world will be converging on K with great expectations. In the Düsseldorf exhibition halls they will be able to compare products and services right alongside each other and select the absolute best that the world market has to offer. Obviously, every company wants to shine here!