International Polyurethane Foam Summit 2014 -- K Trade Fair


International Polyurethane Foam Summit 2014

According to the organiser, the event will gather together PO/EO/TDI/MDI/PPG suppliers; mixed component/downstream PU foam enterprises; automotive, construction, furniture, home appliances and other end users; as well as other important third-parties, who come from all over the world such as China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe, and North America. CBI China expects around 100 attendees at this year's event. The event will feature three sessions on the following topics: Rigid PU foam session: Global rigid PU foam market overview Overview of global rigid PU foam market in 2013 - 2014Domestic and international market performance and demand analysisAnalysis of markets other than household appliances and construction (cold-chain, logistics, underground pipeline, automobile, high-speed rail, LNG carrier, etc.)Forecast of market trend and terminal demand in 3 - 5 years Household appliances industry's new requirements for rigid PU foam's environmental performance Global household appliances industry status and development trendRigid PU foam's use in household appliances such as refrigerator, freezer and solar water heaterTechnology development trend of rigid PU foam thermal insulation materialsEnergy efficiency and environmental performance criteria for rigid PU foam products Policy influence on the future development of PU foam materials for buildings World output of PU exterior wall insulation materials and demand analysisDomestic and international rigid PU foam materials for buildings market analysisInterpretation of China's Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings (draft standard for approval 2014)Policy influence on the forecast of market growth of rigid PU foam for buildings in China Rigid PU foam premix industry status and terminal use Domestic and international rigid PU foam premix industry statusPremix's formula and performance requirements for polyether and MDI/TDI in ChinaPremix industry integration trend and industry outlookUp-to-date products and technology in the value chain ranging from rigid PU foam premix to thermal insulation products and terminal markets Latest R&D on rigid PU foam auxiliaries and product solution Significance of high performance auxiliaries to rigid PU foam industry developmentR&D status, technical barriers and development trend of rigid PU foam auxiliaries in ChinaNew rigid PU foam auxiliaries' terminal application solutionMandated replacement of auxiliaries' impact on rigid PU foam market in China and abroad Raw materials - PO/PPG/MDI/TDI - session: Global PU foam industry analysis Overview of global PU foam industry's developmentMajor factors affecting the industry developmentAnalysis of capacity structure, industry transfer, technical barrier and derivatives marketDevelopment trend of PU foam industry in China and abroad Global PO (propylene oxide) capacity landscape and market distribution Global PO capacity status and price trendChina's PO industry development and newly commissioned projects in recent yearsAnalysis of PO import and export and domestic trade flowPO derivatives industry analysis and development forecast PO production process and cost analysis Worldwide analysis of PO production processPO facilities' status and development trend in ChinaRegional environmental regulations on PO facilities that follow chlorohydrin process in ChinaUp-to-date R&D on HPPO process in China and cost analysis Polyether industry development trend and market landscape Global polyether industry developmentDomestic market situation: capacity & output, supply & demand, price and import & exportPolyether polyols market fundamentals and downstream demand analysisSpecialty polyether and polyether elastomer market development trend Domestic and international MDI/TDI market analysis World MDI/TDI capacity status and expansion overviewIndustry outlook under oligopoly trend and price forecastDevelopment trend of rigid/non-rigid PU foam productsNon-rigid PU foam downstream market overview and demand analysis Non-rigid PU foam session: Global non-rigid PU foam industry development trend Analysis of conventional flexible PU foam industry and new non-rigid PU foam industryNon-rigid PU foam's new demand for polyether and MDI/TDI raw materialsReplacement of modified MDI for TDI in the use of non-rigid PU foam marketDomestic and international non-rigid PU foam downstream market demand and new application areas Analysis of automobile seat system market and its new demand for PU foam materials Global automobile seat system developmentLocalization of automobile industry and impetus to the growth of domestic seat marketHigh-end seat market's new demand for foam materials' comfortableness and environmental performanceUp-to-date R&D on form materials for seats and technical development trend What about the future of the currently gloomy furniture industry? Overview of domestic furniture industry: history, constraints and outlookThe industry's way out: low-end market consolidation and technical breakthrough in the high-end marketSofa and mattress industry's requirements for foam products' major properties and development trendOverseas market demand in SEA, Europe and America and export analysis New PU foam demand from urbanization PU industry's development driven by urban construction and rail transit & high-speed rail developmentPU material's use in high-speed rail, automobile and shipbuilding sectorsPolicy orientation and industry development and product performance requirementDomestic market analysis and demand forecast New technology and products in non-rigid PU foam sector MDI-based PU foam technology developmentComparison of performances of TDI, MDI, T/M and M/T based productsPremium non-rigid PU foam products' demand for polyether raw materialDownstream market application and prospect Contact: CBI China · Wendy Liu
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