Injection molder introduces green caterware


VistaTek LLC, a custom injection molding company headquartered in Stillwater, MN, introduced SelfEco, LLC, an independent company that manufacturers plastics made from plant-based materials. Designed for catering and food service, SelfEco produces affordable caterware, cutlery, and drinkware that is industrial biocompostable.

"Plant-based plastics are important to the future of injection molding and the plastics industry," said Danny Mishek, SelfEco President and VistaTek Managing Director. "We are excited to provide this new, sustainable product series."

Mishek told PlasticsToday that the goal of VistaTek's management was to grow the company, but how to grow it was the question. "We can increase customers, increase the works we do for our customers, or we can create proprietary products and be our own customer."

Coming up with a product was the next hurdle. Miskek has been attending a lot of conferences on sustainability, listening to scientists, academia and compounders talking about materials. While attending networking cocktail parties, he noticed that much of the plastic plates, cutlery and drinkware was being thrown away because of the food that is left over and stuck to the plastic.

"We might think these items are being recycled, but they're not," Mishek explained. "Composters want the food and recyclers want the plastic - but not the food. So it hit me that why don't we make the plastic from plant-based material and these hotels can throw the plates, cutlery, food and all into a bin that gets composted. Thus SelfEco was born."

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