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Illig: Open House with more than 250 participants

Illig, manufacturer of thermoforming lines, welcomed more than 250 participants from the whole European economic region to their Open House, October 29 and 30.

Presentations on the state-of-the-art technology of automatic pressure forming machines of the RDKP series for separate forming and punching, as well as the RDK series for combined forming-punching operation were supplemented by a total of eight machine demonstrations. Different applications were demonstrated on the current automatic roll-fed machines, such as the production of hinged packs, menu trays and lids. All of these machines are consistently equipped with the new "Illig Intelligent Control Concept" (IC).

The participants were especially interested in the newly developed STAL 90 punch and die press, interlinked with an IC-RDKP 72 thermoformer, forming area max. 756 mm x 535 mm. APET blisters were formed using a 15-up tool, subsequently punched, burrless all around, and stacked. The STAL 90 employed for this purpose, successor generation to the previous STAL 80 and 80b punch and die press, was completely newly developed and is consistently equipped with servo drives. In the production process the punch press works at a speed of up to 145 cycles per minute.

The new punch and die press, designed as universal machine in horizontal version with robust, reliable rake feed, can be employed behind every forming machine which produces a continuously formed web. This punch press design is used whenever manufactured parts must have a smooth rim, i.e. without holding studs which otherwise are unavoidable on the rim. This is possible without problem when using the new, horizontal STAL 90 punch press since it works with shear cutting tools. The parts are punched out completely from the web and stacked immediately thereafter. The STAL 90 is suitable for IC applications, so the new Illig IC control concept can be employed in combination with an IC thermoformer. The punch press features very low tool costs and very smooth running at the same time and thus very long tool service lives. And tools which are available from the previous STAL 80 version can still be used.

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