Husky announces cost-saving barrier solution -- K Trade Fair

Husky announces cost-saving barrier solution


Husky Injection Molding Systems announced the beginning of a phased launch approach of its PET preform barrier module, built on its HyPET HPP5 platform, which was introduced in 2014.

Husky's multi-layer barrier technology offers manufacturers new possibilities to explore PET as a packaging material for products requiring enhanced barrier properties. With the HyPET HPP5 barrier module, packaging manufacturers have the freedom of design to distinguish products for maximum shelf appeal in ways that were previously impossible, according to the company.

Now with the highest ever system capability, Husky claims that it can produce multi-layer preforms with a wide range of barrier content, even below 3%, while delivering up to 50% savings on barrier material costs for some applications and increasing system availability. This delivers maximum flexibility, allowing for freedom of design both across and within applications to customize how much barrier content is used. Being able to precisely dose barrier content and adjust the range within an application successfully ensures that seasonal variations are considered with relation to the shelf life of a sensitive product.

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