Huntsman to exhibit at India International Leather Fair -- K Trade Fair


Huntsman to exhibit at India International Leather Fair

At IILF 2015, Huntsman's team will speak to attendees about the polyurethane soling materials available to Indian footwear manufacturers and how using differentiated footwear technologies can deliver a real competitive edge. Huntsman offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully water-blown polyester and polyether footwear systems that are said to be ideal for a wide variety of mid sole, unit sole and sockliner applications. Marketed under the Daltoped technology brand, the range includes: Daltoped Lite technology for lightweight shoes: The Daltoped Lite system is a polyether material for polyurethane soles that functions as an ultra-lightweight, cost effective and highly versatile alternative to ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). Ideal for the production of soles for high quality casual and children's footwear, Daltoped Lite products combine the low density needed to make shoes more comfortable with excellent mechanical properties and improved ease-of-processing. Daltoped Lite products are a popular choice for the production of unit soles, mid soles and slippers. Daltoped Grip technology for safety and comfort in shoes: Focusing on the relationship between design and functionality, Huntsman says it has worked to understand and improve slip performance. The result is Daltoped Grip technology. This flexible polyether and/or polyester-based solution mimics the look and feel of rubber, and provides advanced anti-slip resistance properties for soling safety footwear, winter shoes and boots, says the manufacturer. An alternative to traditional thermoplastic rubber soling solutions, Daltoped Grip materials are non-marking, easy to process and compatible with standard polyurethane processing machines, according to Huntsman. Neeraj Garg, Commercial Manager-ISC Footwear Market at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: "The Indian footwear market is growing fast and it's imperative that manufacturers make the right material decisions. Picking the wrong type of polyurethane could mean missing out on the massive market opportunities that exist across the sector. We look forward to speaking to attendees at IILF about the polyurethane material options open to them and their individual merits, depending on the application in question.”