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Huntsman develops UV-protected TPU grades

The polyether-based TPU materials - part of Huntsman's established Irogran product range - are designed for jacketing the cables of heavy duty pieces of equipment, which have to function in harsh, abrasive and outdoor environments, and are exposed to the elements. Over time, exposure to ultraviolet light can cause cabling materials to degrade, losing performance in tensile strength, abrasion and elongation. On oil rigs, offshore wind farms and in underground applications, any form of deterioration in cable quality is unacceptable and could have costly consequences. According to Huntsman, its latest wire and cable innovations were developed in response to requests from customers in the Americas, who were asking for increasingly demanding performance levels from their cable jacketing materials. Easily processed and offering a wide temperature window, Huntsman's new Irogran materials contain a UV package that is not listed as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) under REACH regulations. Designed to increase cable longevity, the inclusion of this additive is beneficial for wire and cable manufacturers who are looking to improve performance and comply with stringent environmental standards. Ahead of the launch of its new products, Huntsman says it has tested the performance of the materials extensively with both grades surpassing industry standard UV tests. The two grades available are: Irogran A 85 P 4394 UV DP, which has a hardness of 85 Shore AIrogran A 92 P 4637 UV DP, which has a hardness of 92 Shore A. Both grades are entering final launch stage and will be available globally, said Huntsman. Rhona Watson, Development Center Manager Americas at Huntsman, said, "Creating new UV protected cable jacketing grades for industrial applications, using a specialised UV package, demonstrates that Huntsman is a provider of innovative wire and cable solutions, which are closely aligned to market needs.”