Hot-runner nozzles permit balanced filling of tubular parts without core pin bending


New multi-tip hot runner nozzles designed Italian firm Thermoplay S.p.A. for axial injection of small tubular parts provide balance filling that prevents flow lines and reduces the risk of core pin bending caused by high injection pressures. ALBA Enterprises LLC, the North American representative for Thermoplay,made the announcement in December. The company will introduce the nozzles to the U.S. market at NPE 2015, booth W1323.

Thermoplay DN5/3 Series nozzles can be used for direct lengthwise injection on the walls of parts. They have symmetrically arranged tips that can be located at a minimum of 3.2 mm from each other. This makes the nozzles particularly suited for multi-cavity molding of small precision parts with limited distance between their axes, or for small mold systems with extremely restricted areas. The nozzles are also suitable for parts requiring a high degree of concentricity.

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