Hot-runner and cooling systems are hot stuff at NPE


Synventive Molding Solutions (Peabody, MA), a business of Barnes Group Inc., proves that hot runner systems are a critical component for automotive molds. The company even showcased a 2015 Corvette in its booth at NPE2015, one of the featured hot wheels in PlasticsToday's slide show. The company displayed its complete line-up of Synventive activeGate tool-based molding technologies, including nuGate, hGate and Valve Pin Position Monitoring options; modular actuators; and SynCool 3 Passive Cooling for valve-gated hot runner systems.

Synventive's SynFlow offers more than just open/close options, which was once thought to be enough, commented Bill Rousseau, Chief Engineer. "Now we can expand on this progression in two stages. We can control the opening and the flow front," he said.

The company's activeGate products (SynFlow, nuGate, eGate, and hGate) employ sensor technology within the hot runner to provide independent melt flow control at each individual gate. Together, the activeGate family of technologies gives users the ability to mold the highest quality parts through unrivalled process control, says the company. The benefits are significant and include optimum quality surface finishes, increased production rates, decreased scrap, faster mold start-ups, and the ability to mold parts with complex geometries.

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