Hoffer Plastics’ expertise conquers complex metal-to-plastic conversion -- K Trade Fair

Hoffer Plastics’ expertise conquers complex metal-to-plastic conversion


Opportunities for metal-to-plastic conversions continue to present themselves to molders and moldmakers across many industry segments. There are several reasons for this including the lightweighting of components, particularly in the transportation market due to the requirements to meet the new, more stringent CAFÉ standards. However, there are also other benefits to converting metal components to plastic for injection molding including the ability to combine numerous components into a single unit, thus eliminating secondary operations that might include welding, and reducing the total cost to manufacture.

So it wasn't surprising when a long-time (30 years!) customer approached Hoffer Plastics, a custom injection molder and contract manufacturer known for its engineering expertise and extensive capabilities in plastics processing using state-of-the-art technologies, with a new project. In order to meet the new EPA emission standards in California, the customer would have to build a new carburetor for its small engine line of lawn mowers and other small lawn and garden equipment. This new carburetor required a much more complex design than the current small engine carburetors in order to meet the new stringent emission laws.

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