German moldmaker Zahoransky ramps up services for North America


With a brand new subsidiary in the suburbs of Chicago since the beginning of this year, precision moldmaker Zahoransky Group (Freiburg, Germany) is eagerly awaiting NPE2015 to amplify its message of "intensive consulting and more service" to existing and potential customers in North America. The subsidiary is under the stewardship of General Manager Vasko Naumovski.

The construction of complex injection and multi-component molds for the packaging, consumer goods, and healthcare industries is a key strength of the company, and it will showcase its expertise by displaying its proprietary Total Integrated Manufacturing (TIM) stack mold technology.

The system consists of two mold halves and an axial rotary cube. Because the two assembly platens are located outside the mold, complex assembly processes can be performed externally without lengthening machine cycle times. Regardless of the mold sequence, a range of different assembly steps can be easily implemented in a cost-effective manner.

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