GN Thermoforming Equipment enters form/cut/stack thermoformer market


When the results of a market analysis carried out by GN Thermoforming Equipment (Chester, Nova Scotia) showed that packaging manufacturers were making increasing use of form/cut/stack technology, the company decided that it was time to gain a toehold in that market. The fastest way? A partnership.

The launch of the GN800, a high-speed form/cut/stack thermoformer developed in partnership with Agripak s.r.l., Milan, Italy, marks GN’s entrance into the form/cut/stack market and expands the company’s plug-assist machine offering.

“We saw the changes in the marketplace so we wanted to move swiftly to counter the competition,” said Jerome Romkey, GN Marketing Manager. “Our strategy was to adapt and enhance Agripak’s proven technology to meet the requirements of today’s processors and gain a strong foothold in this highly attractive market.”

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