GN Thermoforming Equipment demonstrates high-output lid production -- K Trade Fair

GN Thermoforming Equipment demonstrates high-output lid production


The primary focus of Nova Scotia–based GN Thermoforming Equipment’s presentation at NPE2015 was not hard to identify: A GN760 plug-assist thermoformer for high-output production of PET lids for the food service market. The new model is larger than GN’s previous machines, featuring a forming area of 762 x 533 mm (30 x 21 in.), expanding GN’s line of plug-assist machines, and enabling the company to meet the demand for medium- to large-volume runs.

At the company’s booth (W-5583), the cut-in-place machine, equipped with a 20-up tool for PET lids that measure 5 in. (123 mm) in diameter, is capable of running at 28 cycles/min and producing 725,000 lids per day (approximately five million lids per week).

A leading manufacturer of roll-fed, in-mold cut thermoforming machines, GN Thermoforming originally developed for production of bakery and meat containers. Now, due to its low scrap rate, the GN760 has emerged as a highly viable option for lids for food service applications.

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